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Once we review your application, we will schedule a time to visit your space
and evaluate whether or not it will be a good fit for our events.
Painting & Vino is a wonderful opportunity for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other entertainment venues.
We offer three-hour, step by step instructed painting classes in which customers are encouraged to eat, drink, and socialize. By partnering with us you will enjoy the benefit of 30-60 additional paying customers to supplement your sales on slower nights of the week. And the best part is there is no cost to you.
Not only do you benefit from the additional sales, but also the marketing opportunities; including a venue page on our website, tags through our social media, and of course the benefit of massive exposure by bringing thousands of new people to your venue throughout the year. We also supply marketing supplies upon request if you would like to promote our events to your regular customers.
Our staff arrives two hours prior to each scheduled event for set up. We supply all necessary materials for painting. We only ask that the tables and chairs are set up appropriately upon arrival. We will be sure to work closely with you to arrange the space to maximize the amount of customers we can accommodate, prior to the first event.

Our events run approximately three hours long. Customers will begin arriving 15-30 minutes prior to event start time and will by finished by the three-hour mark. We will need an additional 30-45 minutes after the three-hour mark for clean up. Altogether we will be utilizing your space for about 4-1/2 to 5 hours.

The paint we use is water-based acrylic paint, which means it is washable! We have a special cleaning solution that removes the paint from all surfaces and fabrics. Our staff is trained in removing the paint and is required to do a thorough spot check after each event.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please provide some basic details below. The decision make of the venue is the ideal person to complete this form.

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Do you have space for up to 30 chairs and tables?
What is the maximum class capacity your venue could hold?
How much parking capacity is available?
Is parking free or comped?
Do you have adjustable lighting?
Will your customers be too loud for our events or vice versa? Can we play music? 
Will we have access to gather and dispose of buckets of water?